A Great Genealogy 2.0 Article by Dick Eastman

A great genealogy 2.0 article by Dick Eastman came through my RSS feeder today. The article, entitled “A New Computer Revolution is Rising Around Us” covers all the new and future genealogy 2.0 web sites that will be changing the face of genealogy on the web. I’m highly convinced of this, which is why I updated Pytlewski Family Findings to be ahead of the curve. Pytlewski family findings is hosted by a web 2.0 service and contains numerous web 2.0 features.

This is kind of turning into a technology blog, but I promise that I will add genealogy related material in the future. It will be easier once I finish school in April. But in the meantime, I hope you enjoy all of the content on Pytlewski Family Findings and its Plog.


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