My Favorite Television Channel

Roots Television is border line web 2.0.  Web 2.0 I say?  Yes, Roots Television is your 20 channel internet television website devoted to all things genealogy.  Needless to say, you can spend hours and hours on watching the helpful and sometimes fun information.  They also host many blogs devoted to genealogy  For those who don’t have broadband, I would suggest you stick to the blogs because I would imagine the videos are slow loading with dial up.  Best of all they just introduced their rootstube channel that allows people to submit their own genealogy videos for consideration to be on Roots Television!  In fact, they are currently having their Wild Roots contest.  Here’s a snippet from their website:

Become part of the Roots Television™ revolution!  If you’re passionate about any aspect of genealogy, heritage or history — from cemeteries to the Civil War to DNA — we want to hear from you! Now you can sumbit your own video to RootsTube. Just follow the simple instructions below or upload a sample to Google Video or YouTube and email us with the link.

Have Fun Exploring!


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