Web 2.0 Means Nothing Unless…

We as individuals actively affix metadata and take steps to preserve our digital images.  How are our descendants going to know who we are and what we look like unless we…

1.  Preserve our photograps by

  • Using standard file extensions that do not rely on thid party software, such as .tiff and .jpg.
  • Keep track of our digital photographs to make sure they are stored on a permanent, non outdated, computer or other storage medium (which itself is not outdated).

2.  Affix metadata to our digital photographs.

  • Include Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, and who took the digital photograph.

3.  Contact an archive to see what digital images they are collecting.

  • Does your photograph have enduring value?    In other words, will your images have historical and research value in the future.
  • Archives and libraries are developing preservation standards for digital photographs and they can provide the most up-to-date techniques for preserving your photographs
  • If they are not interested in your photographs, they can direct you to some resources that will help you preserve your digital photographs for future generations.

For more information, please see a great (but I must admit, BORING) webcast on digital photographs by the Library of Congress called

The Digital Challenge:
Accessioning, Description, and Reference for Contemporary Pictures from September 11th

It’s for information professionals, but it gives a good overview of what it takes to preserve digital images.


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