Could it Really Be Pytlewskis From Across the Pond?!?!?!

After years of searching for a link to Pytlewski records in Poland, I may have FINALLY found something. I just came across a little known website called Poznan Project. I don’t really remember how I stumbled across this website because I was so excited. Thank goodness for bookmarks, huh? Project Poznan is a grassroots indexing project for Posnan church (catholic and protestant) marriage records for the years 1835-1884. So, I entered “Pytlewski” into the surname search box and I come across the following:

Catholic parish in Czerlejno, entry # 15 in 1849score: Groom: 93%

Joannes Pytleski

Catharina Jóźwiak

At first, I did not think anything of the find because on Stanislaus Pytlewski’s marriage* record to his second wife, Marianna Walezak, his parents are listed as John Pytlewski and Catharine Yoziviak. BUT, I do know that according to John Joseph Pytlewski’s C & H employment application, the Pytlewski Immigrant Brothers had a nephew named, Mike Juzwiak, who also worked in the Calumet and Hecla Mines. Juzwiak is the English equivalent of Jozwiak. The date is also 1849, which is approximately the correct time period. Stanislaus was born in 1852.

The catholic parish is in the approximate area where John Joseph and Joseph were born. According to John Joseph’s C & H employment application, he was born in “Wlojievski“, Posnan, Poland. According to Joseph’s C & H employment application, he was born in Schroda (Sroda), which is in between Czerlenjno and Wlociewski (polish spelling).

The only thing is the last name of Catharine. I have Yoziviak. This record is Jozwiak. Could Yoziviak be what the record maker heard and thus wrote down? I wouldn’t be surprised given the way Pytlewski was massacred in Houghton County. I guess the only way, I’ll truly find out is if I order the LDS film for these parish records and determine John Pytlewski and Catharine Jozwiaks children. If some of their children are Stanislaus, John Joseph, and Joseph and their birth dates are correct, I think I’ll have a match. Let’s just cross our fingers! If not, its back to square one. I wish the LDS would hurry up and digitize their film already!

This could potentially be the biggest lead that I have had in years. I welcome any feedback in this problem.

*Note: The record links on this page will take you to the original Pytlewski Family Findings. I have yet to transfer the records over to the new website at I will fix the links on this page when this has been accomplished.


One thought on “Could it Really Be Pytlewskis From Across the Pond?!?!?!

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Did you look up your records on microfilm? I think you have a direct “hit”! Glad you found Lucasz’s Poznan Project.

    Your parish of Czerlejno is next to my great grandfather’s (Tulce). He also came to Calumet.

    Several other researchers are working on the early Poles in Calumet, we now have a blog:

    I am searching for documentation that a C&H recruiter went to Posen. MANY early Poles in Calumet are from this area – including the parishes of Bnin and Rogalinek.

    I’ve linked to one of your sites.


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