Preserving Family Photographs and Other Treasures

I just came across in an article in the spring edition, 2007 of Library of Michigan’s online newsletter, Michigan Genealogist.  The article by Carol Fink, entitled “Tips for Preserving Your Family Treasures: Photographs.”  Its an excellent resource to preserve your family photographs.  Check it out along with its its link to the Northeast Document Conservation Center’s website.

Another great website from the Library of Congress, Preparing, Protecting, Preserving Family Treasures.  It discusses and shows (with video) how to prepare, protect, and preserve many kinds of family treasures from the family bible to the computer hard drive.


2 thoughts on “Preserving Family Photographs and Other Treasures

  1. Thanks for the acknowledgement Jeff. In case your readers don’t already know this, I’d like to point out a potentially useful tool for those looking for a conservator for their family treasures (and lots more).

    The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works has an online resource for locating a conservator. Visit: for more information.


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