Pytlewski Baptism Records

A couple of years ago I sent for “Emory Nicholas” Pytlewski’s baptism record and Antonia Sikorski’s burial record from St. Paul the Apostle Church in Calumet, Michigan. The records were actually saved from St. Anthony’s Church. I was attempting to solve two mysteries. First, I was trying to get of record of Antonia’s death after I found a mention in it in an article about her son, Ignatius (whose middle name also is also Nicholas). Second, I was trying to determine who Emory Nicholas was and who his real parents were. On Joseph Pytlewski’s C & H Employment Record, an Emory Nicholas is listed as his son. Strange, I thought, as Joseph was never married to my knowledge. I may be wrong about this… I don’t have definitive proof either way (maybe I never will).

I was half successful in my two goals. I did receive a definitive record of Antonia’s death (none exists for the State of Michigan). However, I didn’t receive a baptism record of Emory Nicholas. My current theory is that Emory is actually Ignatius Nicholas Pytlewski, who was trying to regain employment after he was fired from C & H a few years earlier.

Ignatius Pytlewski's C & H Record

As you will see from the baptisms, Joseph was Ignatius’s godfather and they seemed to have a very close relationship judging by some of his trial transcripts and newspaper accounts. Ignatius was tricky and intelligent. I would not put it past him to pull something of this nature. But, that story is another blog posting and I’ll be sure to be post these fascinating news paper articles on Pytlewski Family Findings or on the Plog soon.

To my delight, I did receive several pages of copies index cards of records that they did have for the Pytlewski Family. I have yet to send for them because I lack the time or money. These indexes do however point to some interesting family relationships and also provide some birth dates and baptism dates that I didn’t have before (If they are accurate). Actually, after looking at these records again, I’m more convinced about my previous post because the Juzwiak name, or variants of it, show up frequently. I’ll post them here in a word document for your viewing pleasure since I do not anticipate sending for the records anytime soon.

Pytlewski Baptism Records


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