Geospatial Visualization of Pytlewskis Using Platial

Ever since I took a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) class in my undergrad, I always wondered why or heritage quest did not adapt census locations to GIS. Well, I just discovered a way to do it easily without having to do the GIS editing work. It’s called Platial and its pretty cool. I used it to document homesteads of Pytlewskis/Petlewskis throughout time. It shows some pretty neat patterns and offers a much different perspective than when just looking at addresses in city directories. Take a look using the widget on the right and feel free to comment on the current entries or add an address yourself. The goal is to make a complete visual representation of Pytlewski residences (and other related families) in order to show migration patterns of the Pytlewski Family. This is a prime example of how web 2.0/genealogy 2.0 can aid our research.


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