A Genealogy Blog Article

An excellent three part article about genealogy blogs just came across my Google Alert. Genealogy Blogs by Bill Ives on his blog, Portals and KM, discusses the rise of genealogy blogs and how they are different than normal blogs. Part 3 is yet to come! If you are interested in starting a genealogy blog, this blog entry has excellent reference information to help you when planning your blog. Hopefully, I can gather some information to make the Plog better in the future.


4 thoughts on “A Genealogy Blog Article

  1. Jeff – Thanks for linking to my posts on genealogy. You have a really nice genealogy blog. I liked your comments on web 2.0 and the spatial visualization concept. I will be writing about these posts soon and I added PLOG to my list of interesting genealogy blogs on my two family history blogs – Ives Family History – http://billives.typepad.com/ives_family_history_blog/ and Sharp Family in NC – http://billives.typepad.com/sharp_family_in_nc/


  2. Jeff – I love the new plog!! My own blog is on WordPress (http://kpetlewski.wordpress.com/) but doesn’t deal with genealogy, rather the meaderings of an older librarian. After speading the week in North Carolina at the funeral of one of my husband’s family members, I’ve come back with FOUR cemeteries inventoried digitally with images in .tif format, naturally. I guess my task is to now actually DO something with the information. Keep up the good work, cousin!


  3. Thank you both for your positive feedback. The plog is still a work in progress and still needs some work, especially with the categories. I need to sort them still and come up with some sort of a hierarchical schema. I’m getting many ideas from the links that Bill posted in his entry about genealogy blogs. Thank you for the wonderful article Bill!


  4. Kathy, I actually found your blog a couple of days ago. It came across my Google Alert search for Pytlewski. It’s a really great blog and offers a lot of advice for us “newbie” librarians. I was really touched by the nice article you wrote about the upcoming generation of librarians. It also sounds like you are itching to get back into the genealogy game, and maybe some kind of online presentation of your new cemetery photographs will get you going.

    Good luck and keep following the blog for anything new I find on the Pytlewski family and would appreciate any input that you could give. I have you to thank for all of the great research you did before I started getting into the Petlewski family. It’s been my passion ever since.


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