The Plog is Getting Around

Only after a few weeks in existence, the Plog is getting some attention by other blogs.  Bill Ives in his Sharpe Family in NC blog wrote a piece about the use of Web 2.0 in Genealogy blogs and kindly mentions the Plog for the information that has been put up on here about Web 2.0.  His comments about Web 2.0 are interesting.  I suggest you check that out if you are interested in genealogy and web 2.0. Thanks Bill!

The G-Files also put a blurb up about its quick notice by the Plog.  I somehow stumbled upon it, using my wordpress blog finder, and  thought the title was so great and creative that I had to mention it.  The content was well written too and very informative.  Thank you Chris…. er I mean Fox Mulder for the mention.

I am looking for more genealogy blogs that are unique and have great application of web 2.0 applications on them.  Please share any finds that you have by leaving a comment so that others can see the power of Web 2.0.

On another note, my semester ends on Monday and I’ll be starting to move.  So the Plog might be on hiatus for a week, but I’ll try to give updates every couple of days if I can.


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