The Mystery of Tony Petlewski and Genealogy 2.0

I have used another Genealogy 2.0 application to help solve the mystery of Tony Petlewski. I made a collaborative diagram using showing the possible outcomes of Anthony Joseph Petlewski (Tony). It is set up so that everyone can contribute to the diagram. It’s social genealogy at its finest (besides maybe wikis). However, I would like to warn anyone out there, that these are just hypothesis, some of them more concrete than others. Make your best judgments and offer your own hypothesis because this mystery has been bothering me since I started researching this family and I need your help Can you help solve the mystery of Tony Petlewski?

Thanks for anyone’s input.

UPDATE: Well apparently wordpress does not allow anyone to embed unapproved media.  So, the link “solve the myster of Tony Petlewski” only goes to a read only diagram.

So if you have a comment to leave, please leave it here.  My idea was good in theory, but it did not work out.  So check the diagram out, and please leave any ideas that you have as a comment on the Plog.


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