Some New Additions

Okay, so this posting is not about FamilyLink, but I’m moving so I haven’t had time to play. I’ll get to that after i finish my move.

I have implemented some new things in the past week or so that I want to share with you. At the top you’ll notice a couple of new tabs. The “Pytlewski Family Findings” take will take you to the main Pytlewski Family Findings site. I have also added an about me page that gives you some background information about myself to prove that some of the information that I give has some credibility, and not are not random thoughts of a “young kid.” Okay, so maybe some of the post are random. I also would like to point out the new tag cloud to the side and the drop down feature for the categories. Hopefully the drop down should make the categories seem less cluttered. The drop down includes subcategories as well so they are somewhat organized. Enjoy and give me feedback of the new features or features that you would like to see!

UPDATE: The tab on the top to Pytlewski Family Findings was not working, so I deleted it.   If you would like to visit Pytlewski Family Findings go to


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