Millers, Knights, and Pytlewski Websites from Around the World

Here are a few Pytlewski family history websites from around the world. As of today, there has been no connection established from the Pytlewskis in the first two websites to the Pytlewskis from Calumet, Michigan. I’ve received several e-mails from Pytlewskis from Poland in recent years, but have not been able to communicate due to the language barrier.


    • I have no idea what this page is about, but it appears to be the Polish version of the Plog! If anyone knows polish or has a polish web translator, let me know!
  • Konopacki and Pytlewski families
    • I received an e-mail from someone in Poland that gave me the link to this site, but at the time it was in Polish. My cousin, Kathy Petlewski, had a kind friend of hers translate the website (thank you both!). I have known what it says for some time now and had no way of sharing the information. Apparently, the authors of this site have made available an English version of the site. Check it out! It has fascinating information on the potential origin of the Pytlewski name.
  • Thoughts from a Well-Rounded Librarian
    • Okay, so this isn’t a blog about the Pytlewski family history. It is, however, the blog of the original Pytlewski family history researcher, Kathy Petlewski. She’s the same cousin I mentioned above. Her librarian career has rich and diverse, and she has many thoughts to share about the profession. Without her research, Pytlewski Family Findings would not be what it is today!
  • Pytlewski Family Findings
    • Of course I couldn’t get away from plugging my own website. The plog was originally intended to only provide the most up to date Pytlewski research that I haven’t put on Pytlewski Family Findings. Pytlewski Family Findings is the place to find your complete story of the Pytlewskis from Calumet, Michigan. It’s based on my 12 years of research and Kathy Petlewski’s previous research on the Pytlewski family. The website is being transferred from its old location on Rootsweb so not all of the information is on the new site currently. I’ll be completing the move sometime this summer as I’m finishing up my work for a Library Science Masters Degree. School first, genealogy second…errr….. maybe it’s the other way around.

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