Save Your Digital Memories

I just stumbled across this great website on Diigo called It’s a website dedicated to informing the public about preserving digital photographs. Here is what they have to say…

For more than 150 years, people have recognized the unique value of photography. Imagine how this groundbreaking invention has shaped our lives, giving way to preserving precious memories of the people, places and events in our world. And while digital technologies have changed the way we capture and share photos, the desire to safeguard our visual heritage today, and in the future, remains essentially the same.

The companies that comprise the International Imaging Industry Association, or I3A, understand this all too well. That’s why we created this site — to help you understand how to protect and preserve your photographic memories for years to come.

I applaud the International Imaging Industry Association (aka Acme Works, Creative Memories, HP, Sprint, Kodak) for doing this. They cover everything about digital photography from camera phones to photographs on flash drives. I HIGHLY recommend this site to everyone. Learn about how to preserve your digital photographs now before you lose all of your precious images. Digital images are the film negatives of the future, so protect them! I just might go out and buy a digital camera now… ugh.


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