The New Look

The Plog has a new look thanks to the new template provided by wordpress. Let me know what you think about the new look because I’m torn between the new look and the old look. They both have pluses and minuses. The links in the old look were more noticeable while the new look is more clean looking. Do you prefer the old look or the new look? If you are reading this in a rss reader, take a look. I’m willing to go back to the old look, if you all prefer the old look.


4 thoughts on “The New Look

  1. Weren’t you using the Misty template before? That is my favorite of all the templates I’ve played with so far. I like the way each post is formatted on this template, but the sidebar it too busy. Your photo is what makes this design – the sepia jumps out of the blue background and grabs your eye.

    Which plugin are you using for your tag cloud? It’s very nice.


  2. I was using Misty before. This template is called Ocean Mist. I agree the sidebar is too busy on this template. It could be a little wider because it is squeezing the content too much. I also don’t like links on this template because they don’t stand out enough. Maybe that is because I’m color blind? I would pay wordpress so I could edit the CSS, but I’m just a poor graduate student, and can’t afford to do that. So I’m stuck using the wordpress templates as is. I think the photo stands out on both layouts. It’s one of my favorites, and I just discovered it last year.

    The cloud tag is also new from I believe you host your own site using Am I wrong? I’m not sure how that works so I couldn’t tell you if there is a plug in available for that yet. I know there are websites that show you how to edit the code to achieve that effect though.

    Thanks for the input.


  3. Hi Jeff – I like the new look! As often as I’d looked at that photo at the top, I hadn’t noticed that it looks like my grandmother on the right. Who are the other two people and where did you find the photo? I have a great new photo of my grandfather I’ll send you when I get it scanned.


  4. Well… we’re not sure who the other two people are in the photograph. The photograph actually belongs to my grandmother and we just scanned it last year after we found it in her basement. She thought the man was her father, Walter, but after close inspection, we are not so sure. I should ask her again. I would love to see your photograph as well. I also have an old photograph probably from the 19th century of two men. The back of it is in bad shape, but it is labled Calumet and it has a street address. I’ll have to send that to you when i get home from work.


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