Life Browsers and Job Interviews

I had a job interview today and one of the questions asked was how can social networking websites be integrated with libraries.  I mentioned the common responses such as Diig and YouTube.  I just got home and another one caught my eye that I should have mentioned as a model for social networking and digitization projects that libraries can aspire to.  What is that you may ask?  Well, a new release (v.40)  for the prototype of the Life Browser by FamilySearchLabs was released today.  It looks to incorporate more social networking features such as commenting.  This type of web application will set a standard in interactivity for digital documents.

I can’t wait until a full release is available!  At the moment, the service allows people to make Life Pages but not they cannot be saved.  Click on the link below to check it out for your self.




2 thoughts on “Life Browsers and Job Interviews

  1. Hi Jeff – Well, how did the interviews go? By the way, a new generation of descendents is coming – I’ll be a grandmother in March!


  2. The interview went well. I didn’t get the job though. However, there has been a whole bunch of jobs in Lansing that have been opening up over the last month or so. Congrats on the your new arrival! Our branch has one coming two but the people who are having it don’t know that we know yet so I can’t tell you who it belongs to. But its an another generation being added. Please see my posting about the Plog moving, which will explain my delay in responding.


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