The Plog and Pytlewski Family Findings are Moving… Sort of.

If you noticed a lag in Plog activity over the past month or so, you are right.  I have been busy looking for, buying, and fixing up a house (and also looking for a job).  The place had some water drainage issues that are mostly corrected at this point.  Now it’s on to finishing the gutted out bathroom and removing the “grandparent” decorating style, i.e. removing the contact paper (YES, CONTACT PAPER AND IT WAS EVERYWHERE!), wall paper, and painting.   The kitchen may even get redone before we move in.  So until my housing issues are sorted out, I won’t be contributing any content to the Plog.  I will still observe and reply to  your comments on a sporadic basis though.


2 thoughts on “The Plog and Pytlewski Family Findings are Moving… Sort of.

  1. Hi Jeff – Where did you buy your house? How is the job hunt going? I’m taking time away from genealogy to knit baby blankets — yes, another generation of Petlewski’s (or Greshams) is on the way in March, so I’ll be a grandmother. Keep in touch! I’m off to Monterey to do a presentation on E-training at MLC at Internet Librarian Conference.


  2. The house is on the South Side of Lansing just south of I 496. Fortunately, its near the CADL’s South Lansing Library where I just was hired for the Public Services Librarian position. Are you going to be at MLA this week? I’ll be there all three days.


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