Surprise, Surprise

After months of new and exciting things happening in my life, like nearly finishing remodeling my bathroom in my new house and starting a new job, I finally have received some free time to write about all of the exciting things on the genealogy front.

An early Christmas present arrived today in my e-mail box. I was pleasantly surprised to learn about a new blog dedicated to the Polish of Calumet. This is an exciting development to say the least. The Polish Mining Community is a blog by Ceil Jenson, Kathy Atwood, and Joseph Martin that provides a wealth of information on the Polish community in Calumet, MI. Keep up the good work!

Another surprise in my e-mail box came a few days before Thanksgiving when descendants of a long lost branch of the Pytlewski family contacted me after finding I nearly jumped out of my chair when I received this e-mail.  It was the first communication between the Stepniak and Pytlewski families in at least 20 years. Since first contact, memories have been stirred up amongst both sides and forgotten information has been restored to the record. It’s been a great holiday season on the genealogy front despite the current hectic times and hopefully it’ll be a better one next year after things settle down at the new homestead.


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