Walter Petlewski and the 107th Engineers

Be sure to look out for Walter Petlewski on the May 23 issue of Waco Tribute-Herald at His photograph will be featured. The reporter who is working on the feature also sent me this link giving some great contextual background of what Walter may have gone through before he was discharged in Waco, TX.


2 thoughts on “Walter Petlewski and the 107th Engineers

  1. Id like more info, my grandfather, Paul Kobetich, jr was born in calumet….im guessin it was his dad that was in2 moonshine….i know the whole family was during prohibition……if u have any information on any Kobetichs from Calumet, id love 2 obtain it for family history purposes……thank you……Jason Kobetich, Pittsburgh, PA


    1. Jason,

      Sorry, I haven’t heard of the Kobetichs. Be sure to check out the Houghton County Genweb Site. There is a link under Pytlewski Research Sites.


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